Top Picks Of The Best Men Hair Salon in Philadelphia

Every man knows that a competent barber is essential. Hairstyle isn’t something to mess around.  
Increasingly, men are opting for more complex haircuts and facial hair that is meticulously groomed. In the previous few years, the popularity of beards has grown, and now they are more socially acceptable at the workplace. 
Maintaining a nice beard requires time and effort. Barbershops have a rich and colorful history. Men’s barbershops have long served as gathering places for more than just getting their hair cut short. 
In the past, men would visit the barbershop on a weekly basis for a shave and haircut. Ever had a less than pleasing experience at a barber? Surely, it made you appreciate great barbers even more. 
Great barbers can be difficult to find, and they are frequently in high demand due to the widespread recognition of their abilities.  
If you’re trying to find a great barber in  Philadelphia, keep reading! 

Blade & Badger Barbershop

Blade & Badger Barbershop in Philadelphia has a combined expertise of more than two decades in providing high-quality haircuts to the Philadelphia residents. 

Among the services it provides are adult and child haircuts, a hot towel single-bladed shave, full straight-razor shave, and beard trim. A wide variety of beards and hair textures from around the world are styled by the company. So if you’re looking for a men’s hair salon for your American oldies dream cut, they will give it to you! 

Hairstyling powder and water-based firm hold pomade are some of the grooming items available at Blade & Badger Barbershop. Slick Gorilla and Muk hair products are sold at the barbershop, which is an authorized distributor. Find out what one of their customers says about them!

“I’ve been going here for about a year. Love the atmosphere and the people. Unpretentious and appreciative of your business. I’ve had many cuts from both Anthony and Nick. Both do fantastic jobs every time. Super easy to book an appointment on their website. The place is always spectacularly clean. Entire staff is welcoming and inclusive. I couldn’t recommend a better barber shop!” – Will Smith

The Men's Club Barbershop

There are more than 35 years of combined barbering experience at the Men’s Club Barbershop in Philadelphia. In addition to cutting and coloring hair, this salon also offers straight razor shaves with an optional steam towel, as well as beard trimming and coloring. 

Too tired to go to the barbershop? This is the perfect men’s hair salon choice for you! Customers who are unable to visit the shop in person can request a house call from the barbers. 

Men’s Club Barbershop has been complimented by customers for its energetic atmosphere and friendly personnel. Rest assured, you won’t be bored while getting your haircut! 

Blokes Barbershop & Gentlemen's Emporium

In Philadelphia, a husband and wife duo run Blokes Barbershop & Gentlemen’s Emporium. Skincare goods, shaving products, travel gear, diaries, novels, candles, caps, and other men-oriented items are available for purchase at the business. 

Local musicians and artists perform on First Fridays in front of an old Seeburg jukebox that has been restored to its original rock, blues, and soul sound. Enjoy jiving to the music while getting your bear or hair cut! 

Additionally, they have been featured at CBS Philly and Philadelphia Magazine because of their notable skills in hair cutting. 

Wonder what their customers tell about them? Read below:

I‘ve been here a few times with my boyfriend for his routine haircut. The staff are warm, friendly and awesome at making their clients feel welcome. They have complimentary phone chargers available, along with ice cold Lionshead beer. If you find yourself waiting, take a look around at the various items that are available for purchase. So don’t let the price stop you from coming in because it’s not just a haircut, but an experience. – Natasha Taylor

Joe Grooming Lounge at Duross & Langel

The most recent addition to this soap shop and salon is a perfectly elegant and masculine barbershop, which is conveniently positioned just outside the women’s salon area. 

Besides a haircut from co-founder Steve Duross, you can receive a shave, a beard trim, a neck cleanout, highlights, waxing, or a facial at the salon. 

Read this review from one of their customers:

I recently discovered this shop after many people recommended it to me, and I’m so glad I did! I gifted some products to a client of mine and she was so thrilled with everything. Recently I picked up the Lemonder Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub and the Rosemary + Mint Clarifying Shampoo for myself, and they together worked wonders on my hair and scalp! My hair has seriously never felt cleaner in my life. I am so glad I found Duross & Langel and will now be a customer for life! – Meghan Hughes

Gents Barber Lounge

Gents Barber Lounge is a barbershop in the Philadelphia area that is one of the go-to hairstylists of Philly. In addition to the usual shave and hot towel treatments, this salon also offers haircuts with beard trims, shape-ups, and haircuts for dad and son. 

A gentleman’s package and a gentleman’s cut are also available. Since its inception in 2015, Gents Barber Lounge has served the hair care sector until today. 

Founded in memory of Joseph Mezicco’s best friend, who had a significant impact on the Philadelphia neighborhood, the shop has become a popular destination for locals. 

Spinning Chairs Barber Shop

At Spinning Chairs Barber Shop, a team of skilled barbers from Philadelphia has been serving the local community with haircuts and styling services since 2017. The barbershop was reminiscent of prohibition-era barbershops. Its unique grooming package includes treatments such as a haircut, facial, aromatherapy, beard treatment, and wash scalp massages. 

Take a look at this review: 

My girl heard about this barbershop through a friend that is trusted when it comes to male grooming. After researching their services she booked an appointment for the $50 full-service package for me as a gift. At the time of this review, it comes with a haircut (your choice), a beard treatment, steam facial, and aromatherapy. Everything was EXCEPTIONAL! My service was provided by Jerry, and the Brother is personable, professional, knowledgeable about grooming, and funny as hell. I’m making this a monthly part of my routine. World Class service and atmosphere with the hometown Philly, Grown-Man vibe. – Gregory Hogan 


A full-service barbershop with two convenient locations in southeastern Pennsylvania, La Barberia offers a wide range of services. 

Their downtown Philadelphia facility is a traditional barbershop that only accepts walk-in customers, whereas their Jenkintown location accepts appointments and offers additional services such as manicures and pedicures. So if you’re planning to have a pamper date with your wife, sister, or girlfriend, add La Barberia to your choices! 

They have a total experience of more than 150 years, and their barbers have the knowledge and skill to give you the cut and style you desire. What’s impressive? With the majority of their barbers having received their training in Italy, they are able to provide time-honored methods of hair care.

Want to get their contact details for the reservation? Check their listing on our Philly local directory. 

Joe’s Throwback Barber Shop

Philadelphia’s Joe’s Throwback Barbershop is a retro-style barbershop. It offers a wide range of men’s haircuts, from the undercut to the pompadour, depending on the customer’s preferences. 

Beard grooming is also available, including straight razor shaves, beard trimming, and beard coloring. Additionally, guests may bring their friends and have a night out at Joe’s while getting their hair cut or beard trimmed. Enjoy the foods, drink, and good chat while getting yourself permed! 

Quick trivia: Their hairdresser, Joe Evearts, 46, has been cutting hair for more than 30 years, starting when he was just 16 years old.

DAPR Grooming Parlour

Ascending to the second floor of a building above a busy Rittenhouse junction, this attractive salon-slash-speakeasy offers a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle while also offering the city’s coolest new venue for an expert trim and a ridiculously relaxing Toyko Head Spa scalp massage. 

Here’s their latest review from one of their satisfied customers: 

I’ve been living in Philadelphia for 10 years now and can confidently say there is no better place to get your haircut. Not only do they give the best cuts in the city, but the vibes are perfect. I get there early on purpose so I can sip on some nice whiskey on a comfy leather couch while I wait. There’s a reason this place has 5 stars on google reviews – if you’re a man who has hair on the top of his head, you should come check this place out. And if you’re bald, no need to feel left out – you should come too. They have this thing called the “Tokyo Head Spa,” which is out of this world. Basically, an hour long head massage w/ neck/shoulders/hands too. All of the stylists are excellent, but I highly recommend Liane – there’s a reason her schedule gets completely booked 3 weeks in advance! – Rameen Vafa


Getting your hair trimmed or shaved at the barbershop isn’t the only thing you can do in Blind Barber! Philly people refer to it as the heart of the community — where people gather to interact, discuss ideas, just hang out, and feel like they belong somewhere. Blind Barber was established to give high-quality experiences and products that help you feel like the best version of yourself.

As a result of the ingenuity and passion of their team members and customers alike, they are always changing into something even more wonderful than ever before. They strive to add the top of line razors and tools and adapt to the new hairstyle trends, colors, and beard styles for Philly men. 

To view their reviews, head over to their listing on our Philly local directory. 

Remember: Barbers must have talent and self-confidence, but they must also be versatile and eager to learn. A great barber can only remain great if he or she is able to keep up with changes in hairstyles and trends and embrace new trends. 
Found the men’s shop that suits your needs? Go directly to our Philly listing to get their contact details and read more reviews.

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