The Best Clothing Stores In Philly

Living in Philadelphia is wonderful and most Philly people could attest that there are many good things about life here. Like having fun, and SHOPPING! Philly is a home to more shopping centers. When it comes to shopping therapy, fashion-savvy residents usually look for clothing stores with a wide variety of colors, sizes, and cloth choices. Need to freshen up your wardrobe? From the never-ending list of clothing stores in Philadelphia, we narrow it down to the best 15! Let’s get started!

Joan Shepp | Philadelphia Luxury Clothing Store


Multiple curving chambers at Joan Shepp’s concept store are filled with high-end fashion items from Margiela and Issey Miyake as well as lesser-known (but no less stylish) designers like Porto. Donna Karan’s altruistic lifestyle brand Urban Zen has an outlet upstairs; a modest selection of rare perfumes; and unusual jewelry from local artisans like Douglass Randall are also available. There are twice-yearly basement discounts where you can get 70% off fantastic goods. Keep an eye out for these sales. The next-door Knit Wit is another original member of Philadelphia’s fashion industry; make a pit stop there before you leave.

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The Printing Your Tee Lab


Looking for customized shirts? This is the perfect choice! The Printing Your Tee Lab’s goal is creating an enjoyable printing experience. When it comes to their work, the team is very driven by the desire to create something that stands out from the crowd. We’re here to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small. Ordering one print or a large number is completely up to you. There are no minimum or maximum number of orders. It’s perfect if you want to have a couple shirt with your other half or a personalized shirt for the whole family.  No job is too big or too small for them to handle.

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Ps & Qs


Four-year-old lifestyle business on South Street illustrates that streetwear, sneakers, and South Street itself can be chic. Floor-to-ceiling blond wood creates a sleek, contemporary atmosphere. Norse Projects, Herschel, Publish, and a colorful wall of bags are just some of the brands you’ll find here. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s hard to please, the shop has an outstanding collection of Taschen coffee table books.

“Ps & Qs is as much part of the community, as it is a shop. They only seem to hire great, friendly, hilarious people, they have great products, and it’s the perfect place to grab a unique gift for a loved one (especially if that loved one is yourself). I always make a point to stop in when I’m passing by because they always brighten my day.” – Adrian Mulroney



In the summertime, most Philadelphians are somewhere between a beachy style of dresses and a city slicker. No matter what season it is, Eaves has the perfect #OOTD for you!  The atmosphere is one that might easily be mistaken for the Parisian loft of a hotly tipped fashionista. You’ll find everything you need for a day at the Shore, including gauzy cover-ups, thin sweaters, and clean white tops. 

The Geisha House


After quitting her work as a nurse, Cortney Cohen-Sze opened a bright, airy business on North 3rd Street, which has since become a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Cohen-golden Sze’s retriever, Kacey, is a frequent visitor, adding to the space’s girly ambiance. Stylish, breezy clothing by well-known Australian designers can be found here. For Love and Lemons’ wispy lace and translucent outfits are a standout. Skivvies bralettes and underwear, tucked away by the changing rooms, are a hidden gem.

“On trend, On point, this is my fave lil boutique for high/low fashion forward looks. Courtney and her lovely ladies are very friendly and incredibly helpful. The jewelry gets me everytime, but no buyers remorse here. And if your lucky you may be graced with the greatest worker of all Casey the dog. This gal is Coco Chanel incarnate.” – Rebecca Kronbar

Ella’s Grove

Ella’s Grove

As a former Boyds women’s buyer, Fran Campbell has a keen eye for mixing country, rock ‘n’ roll, and nouveau bohemian styles in a way that’s both varied and enjoyable. Slatted wood wall, scattered antlers and aged vintage lights are just a few of the feminine rustic elements that make up the look. Check out Nigel Preston & Knight hand-painted leather jackets as well as Lauren Moshi band T-shirts on their shop. Wol Hide, a stylish line of lightweight knits designed by Campbell’s daughter and hand-loomed in Fishtown, will be available soon.

Meadowsweet Mercantile

Meadowsweet Mercantile

Couple Michael Bazis and Stacy Jackson have converted an art gallery into a refined, earthy vintage boutique that’s refreshing from excessively crowded stores. Urban Outfitters meets Kinfolk in the feel. Styles range from bohemian to utilitarian or reworked tops to rocker and baddie look style. Felt + Fat ceramics and Peg & Awl purses are two must-haves from the assortment of lifestyle goods. Cuttalossa, a Philadelphia-based textile company, operates in the back of the Meadowsweet building and makes robes and handwoven Turkish fabrics.

“Meadowsweet is not only my fave vintage shop in philly but my fave shop period. I can literally go there and find something for any occasion. Most of my occasions happen to be dressed in soft, comfy basics which this shop is never lacking. But even when I need something outside my comfort zone I can find it here. Their prices are UNMATCHED in this city when comparing quality and uniqueness. Plus they always have a thoughtful collection of housewares and other interesting items you never knew your life was missing.” – Natalie Prusich

Shop Sixty Five

Shop Sixty Five

It’s been 12 years since Linda LaRosa’s Doylestown boutique was relocated to its current location just off Rittenhouse Square, but she wasted no time in bringing her urban aesthetic to the Rittenhouse Square location so that fashion-forward urbanites have another reason to venture outside of Walnut’s big-box shopping district. 

The setting: a stately late 19th-century Rittenhouse estate converted into a rock ‘n’ roll venue. A few of Philly’s favorites: the structured leather jackets by IRO, the bleached denim by Cult of Individuality, and the breezy clothing by Thomas Wylde. Quick Trivia: LaRosa started in the fashion industry as an editor for the Czech Republic edition of Elle and has styled celebrities such as Portia de Rossi and Naomi Campbell before. For the spring, the business is putting in a new line of city sneakers and sandals called Mara & Mine that you should watch out for! 

Briar Vintage

Briar Vintage

Briar’s famed vintage menswear selection has been given a much-needed enlargement thanks to a space swap with next-door neighbor and sibling boutique Sazz Vintage last month. Pulleys and meat hooks adorn the displays, lending a throwback to old-fashioned butcher shops. Go here for: Classic American men’s apparel and accessories from the 1900s to the ’80s (it used to stop at the mid-’60s), with a heavy focus on workwear and deadstock. Inquire about: David Lochner, the store’s managing partner, who has more knowledge of men’s clothes history than practically anyone in the area.

“David is super knowledgeable and friendly and has been a huge help in learning more about vintage clothing. Easily my favorite person and business in regards to buying and understanding true vintage.” – Laura A.



It can be a shock to newcomers to discover that Vagabond isn’t just any other women’s clothing store’s designer line-up (DVF, Milly, J Brand, Ella Moss). It’s been a mainstay of North 3rd’s shoppable strip for over a decade, and it’s a favorite with indie shoppers. The atmosphere is comfortable, earthy, and arty. From established brands like Rachel Comey and Ace + Jig to up-and-comers like Yves Saint Laurent, there’s something for everyone at this shop. Also, don’t forget to peruse the vintage items that have been carefully curated. Stellapop, co-owner Mary Clark’s chunky knitwear collection, is a must-have for fashionistas. 

Lapstone & Hammer

Lapstone & Hammer1

Since opening in June of last year in a stately 4,000-square-foot Art Deco edifice, Brian Nadav’s menswear boutique has effectively (and tastefully) dispelZ any remaining doubts about Market East’s viability as a retail corridor. The ambiance is somewhere in the middle of a high-end designer boutique and a streetwear store. 

This is the place to go for: Limited edition sneakers and handcrafted leather footwear; quality jeans and outerwear; plus a few accessories and grooming goods. It’s a little-known truth that Nadav and his father co-own City Blue, Philadelphia’s finest urban sportswear business, which was founded in 1981. Coming soon: A line of hand finished jeans (from Japanese selvage to 4-way stretch denim) and enhanced essentials like tees, 3-button Henley’s and cropped sweatshirts that will be available this spring from an in-house brand.

“I’m from out of town, but I’ve been to this store a handful of times. They have a nice selection of sneakers and helpful staff. I ordered something online from them and unfortunately there was an error with their online stock versus their in-store stock.  Although the item I paid for was out-of-stock, an employee, Andrew, from their online store went above and beyond in helping me ameliorate the issue. Aside from this little issue, which was quickly fixed with Andrew’s help, I have had mostly positive experiences here.“ – Johnathan Vu

Trove General Store

Trove General Store1

Husband and wife team Foster Zeh and Charlotte Bonner didn’t waste time on fanciful concepts like opening a store in an ancient farmhouse off the beaten path, instead they focused on what customers really want: carefully picked, high-quality products in a handy location. In a beige strip mall along Lancaster Avenue, a Chico’s and a Paper Source are sandwiched between the two. There’s an old-time era store feel to it, but there’s also a rustic log cabin feel to it out in the middle of nowhere. Heritage brands such as Filson, Pointer Brand, Dubarry, Pendleton, and Belstaff can be found here. The hard-to-find Levi’s Made & Crafted collection of premium denim is a must-have.

Ritual Shoppe

Ritual Shoppe1

New life has been breathed into the NoLibs retail sector by this design collaborative that brings together jewelry, apparel and vintage with an ambiance that is distinct from the rest of the area. Mystical, with plenty of dream-catchers, crystals, and tarot cards in plenty. Jewelry (talismans, really) from more than 30 independent, up-and-coming designers can be found here. Some of the most notable pieces include the gem-studded rings made by owner Angela Monaco, whose line of Concrete Polish jewelry is known for its hefty, organic shapes. Sticks & Stones, a Philadelphia-based brand, makes striking silver cuffs for $350.

“A great shop for those who live in the Philly area, with online shopping options for those all over! Such a great supply of spiritual goodies, divination tools and self care items. I am so happy they carry my favorite incense brand, Sacred Elephant, it is such a clean burn. I also love the intention candles, they burn down to reveal a tiny crystal for you to keep. I often suggest this shop to my spiritual clients as a place to find what they need to support them on their path!” – Jessica Potter



Those in the know flock to Bela Shehu’s shop, and we send skeptics there to prove that Philadelphia is a key player in the design world. Simple, clean, and unassuming characterize this setting. Here you will find: an origami-inspired androgynous line manufactured in Philadelphia that brings to mind the work of designers such as ISSEY MIYAKI or RICK OWENS Simone gloves ($220), sheepskin leather arm sleeves, are a must-have. If you’re interested, make an appointment to meet with Shehu and enjoy a glass of wine with one of Philadelphia’s most fascinating members of the fashion community.

Stars & Stripes Ltd.

Stars & Stripes Ltd

Traditional clothing like checkered button-ups, shawl collar sweaters, and cotton henleys are sold in an out-of-the-the-the-the-way Gothic Revival church from the 1880s, giving them an air of coolness they otherwise wouldn’t have. An Americana vibe, with stained glass windows and great arching doorways amidst awe-inspiring grandeur. With a focus on local favorites like Armstrong & Wilson, American Trench, and Bills Khakis, this is the place to shop for preppy American-made goods.

“The selection of American made products is high quality and unique. Sales staff are helpful and knowledgeable. It’s also just a really interesting location – adjoining a church sort of.” – Lily de la Torre

Even if online stores are now prominent. Philly shopaholic knows that the actual clothing store shopping is a visceral experience! Shopping has always and will always be a bonding experience. Nothing beats trying on clothes with your family and friends. If you want to see the exact address of any of these featured Philly clothing stores, go to our Philly Online Directory Shopping Listing!

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