Essential Things Philly Local Businesses Must Do In Instagram Marketing

Instagram has a massive advertising audience of more than 1.16 billion individuals, allowing brands to reach a large number of consumers. Is your Philly local business maximizing the advantage of this?  Even more significantly, the potential reach of Instagram marketing has increased significantly this year, rising by 76 million individuals in just the last quarter alone. Instagram continues to release new tools and features. The platform’s growth makes it more useful to consumers and businesses. Instagram Marketing is not as easy as 1-2-3. It goes deeper than posting a picture.

Optimize Your Profile.

 It’s essential that you fill out your contact information, write a catchy description, and choose a profile picture that’s easy to recognize. Hashtags with the most targeted keyword of your business can now be added to your profile description. Most companies have found that creating their own hashtag is an effective marketing strategy.  The most crucial thing that no Philly local business owner must forget is adding a website or multiples link to the landing page in your bio. After people scrolled in your Instagram feed, make sure they know where to contact your services! Check out how Dimsum Garden included their website link and address to their bio.

Post Product Teasers To Pique The Curiosity Of Your Audience.

There are many advantages to using Instagram to promote your products. However, being too salesy and repetitive “Purchase This” posts are disliked by consumers. Followers will flee from you if you’re too pushy. In contrast, product teaser posts are a simple way to talk about your product and increase excitement without looking like you’re attempting to be blatantly promotional. Tease Philly people with your post! Entice them to go over to your website to discover what great deals they can get.

Take advantage of geo-tagging for your social media posts.

 It’s important to include the name of your Philly local business’s physical location when posting from that specific area. If you were not able to do that for your previous posts, don’t worry! Just scroll back and edit previous posts. A feed post can be geotagged using the caption editor, while a Story can be linked to your location using the location sticker. 

What’s the purpose of geotagging? When prospective customers search for a specific location on Instagram, the most recent and most popular posts are displayed at the top of the page. Customers will see your brand’s images alongside their own. The “View Information” button at the top of the page provides access to information about the tagged business. Brand awareness and increased customer reach are a result of all of this. 

Write Compelling Captions.

The first line of your caption is the one that catches people’s attention and determines whether or not they expand to read further. Make your Instagram captions intriguing so that your audience will follow you. The goal is to share the story behind your video, carousel or Instagram image. The Instagram caption is also critical now for visibility because they have added keyword search. Incorporate words in your caption that speak about Philly businesses, Philly people, your industry.

Leverage on Story posting.

A small company’s Instagram profile can benefit greatly from Instagram’s Stories feature, which has proven a tremendous hit with users. According to Instagram, more than 500 million people watch an Instagram Story every day, and 80 percent of accounts follow at least one company page on Instagram. Unlike ordinary feed posts, stories show at the top of your followers’ feeds, making them stand out. On top of that, they have a lot more dynamic elements than regular feed posts. Utilize story stickers like quizzes, percentage questions, countdowns or even the fun GIFs to interact with Philadelphia locals! 

In addition to regular Instagram posts, Philly businesses should think about creating unique Instagram Stories content and posting frequently in order to maximize the platform reach. Keep in mind to use geotags and photos of local scenery in your Instagram Stories to promote your service or product. Your consumers will also love the shout-out, so re-posting their content and tagging them is also a good idea.

Strategize Your Hashtag Game-plan.

Hashtags have taken over the internet in a big way lately. Instagram hashtags are a powerful marketing tool since they let consumers know that your posts are related to their searches. The majority of the people now rely heavily on hashtags to find relevant material. When looking for a trending issue, people usually look for the hashtag associated with it.

Philly people use Instagram hashtags to help people find the content they’re interested in. If you want to get your brand out there in a certain location, use location-based hashtags. Using local hashtags can help you get more exposure in your local area. Using long-tail keywords like #PhillyYoga  in your posts is a good way to get your content seen. It’s an effective way for Instagram users in your area to find your business if they use the hashtag. 

Each post should include no more than two to eight hashtags. Using hashtags that are often searched for is a good idea. Increase the quality of your clicks by using hashtags that are only relevant to the people you’re trying to reach. Lastly, Create branded hashtags if you’re running a campaign or if you’re promoting a brand.

Don’t Just Focus On Static Images! Post Videos.

While photos are a common format on Instagram, video is gaining popularity too! Recently, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, released a statement that the app is no longer photo-focused. They are planning to embrace video posting more broadly. Videos are more interesting and fun to upload on Instagram. There’s IGTV, the new tool that allows you to submit films up to ten minutes long, and 15-second clips on Stories. Don’t forget about IG Reels too! Instagram Reels should entertain, inform, or provide value for your business. You can post behind the scenes during a product shoot or At-the-moment video in your Philly store, or you can also shoot a testimonial video with your loyal customer to urge people in Philadelphia to try your business. Be creative with your video footage! 

Sonya Savage Skin Care’s reels show how a well-structured and informative video can reach more audiences on Instagram. 

Evaluate your analytics and check your most engaging post.

When it comes to Instagram, you should always keep an eye on what your followers are interested in. A simple technique to check the analytical tools and find out what posts have a  higher engagement and reach. Remember that engagement is king on Instagram so post more similar content with the highest performing post. 

With Instagram’s global reach and ability to narrow its audience to a more specific geographic area, it is an extremely effective marketing tool. Always keep your intended audience in mind when building a strong Instagram marketing strategy. Pay attention to what they like and don’t like, and be receptive to their worries.

A friendly reminder that all social media networks are constantly tweaking their newsfeed algorithms. As a result, whatever worked for you last week is unlikely to work this week. It is imperative that you stay current. Connect with us on Instagram @philly.localsupportinitiative and feel free to shoot us a message for a shoutout! 

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