The Edge Farms

595 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA

About The Edge Farms

    We deliver to local places in and around the Philadelphia and suburban areas on Mondays.
    Check our website FAQ (green button on this page) for a list of the locations for current drop off sites.
    We offer regular food subscriptions as well contactless delivery & online prepayment at our online store.

    The Edge Farms

    Our Address

    595 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA
    At The Edge Farms, we focus on diversity of plants and animals to enhance natural regenerative agriculture. That means our intention is to be MORE THAN sustainable, we intend to leave the land better than when we arrived.
    We treat the humanely-raised animals, crops, and soil as an interwoven ecological system with relationships that support and nurture one another. We build diversity into intensively managed areas to create healthy mini-ecosystems.
    Our name derives from patterns that emerge in nature and permaculture studies. The edge of any ecosystem naturally has far more diversity than other areas. Consider the place where a pond meets the edge of a forest – far more abundant life is drawn there and thrives, than in the middle of a field for example.
    We are passionate about transforming how people relate to themselves, their food, and to current farming opportunities, and we work to empower and benefit the communities in which we exist. Given these commitments, we provide an improved water system, land, and nutrient-dense, clean food to the benefit of our customers.

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