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    George Haight
    February 13, 2022

    When I was working for the Philadelphia Housing Authority in the 90's, Dr Brenman performed two surgeries on my hands. The first being Carpel Tunnel surgery that was outstanding and the second being emergency surgery on my Right Thumb that was almost amputated. He repaired the tendons and nerves with precision. I regained basically all of my sensation and about 85% of movement. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. This enabled me to continue working as a carpenter for many years after that. I'm now retired but will never forget his professionalism.

    Amy Leigh
    June 07, 2022

    Dr. Brenman is fabulous. I feel like I'm in safe hands with him! I love my new nose! And Gina, the patient coordinator, is a ray of sunshine. She always makes you feel welcome and appreciated. Would highly recommend. 😊

    Sherri Jurgens
    May 11, 2021

    The Plastics medical team was first rate and made a dreadful experience as best as it could be for our young daughter. We knew we were in the right place for her and remain grateful for the talented medical team who cared for her. Thank you!

    Tom Piarulli
    March 10, 2021

    Its taken several years for me to work up the courage to write this review. When I was a toddler I was in an accident that left me with some lumpy scar tissue and a droop/asymmetry in my right eye. It was a relatively minor issue but with age (29 years old at the time I first visited this office) I noticed it becoming more prominent and it was uncomfortable to fully open my eyes. I visited doctor Brenman, who talked a really big talk and claimed he could resolve the issue with a quick, simple in-office procedure. He smeared other doctors, stating that they would want to do a more invasive procedure that would be too much risk and/or mess up the appearance of my eyes (irony incoming). When I asked about potential complications I was told issues are extremely rare, that there would just be some bruising in the area for a few weeks, and that if there were any issues I could come back in and he would resolve it for free. Fast forward to today, and I've spent the past several years in and out of doctors offices, flying across the country consulting with some of the worlds best eye specialists. Why? My face is scarred, I have serious damage to the tendons in my eyes, permanent damage to eye function leading to terrible eye pain/dryness, and a host of other serious, practically unfixable problems with my eyes. I'm currently having to weigh the possibility of major reconstructive surgery on my eyes/face (with costs in tens of thousands) because of the severity of damage done by Dr. Brenman's simple procedure. The past few years have been a living hell and, at just 30 years old at the time of surgery, I've got a whole lifetime of dealing with it ahead. However, that's not the worst part. The worst part is the conduct of Dr. Brenman and his staff throughout the ordeal. His staff was unqualified and unresponsive, when I finally saw him his response was "well you have to be kind of close to you to notice". When I brought up the things I had learned from having to visit eye specialists he struggled to answer even basic questions, which is terrifying for the patient. The funny thing was, after he blamed his staff for the poor handling of the situation, he said "I always run toward my patients, not away from them", after which point I could never reach him again - no response to emails, calls to the office, nothing - even when things took a turn for the worse and I reached out terrified of what was happening to my eyes. Wow. To this date his staff have been unable to provide any operative reports, which are legally required in the state of Pennsylvania, claiming they don't exist. The only thing they could provide is a one page generic consent form with no useful information on it. This is amongst a host of other issues to the point this is just scratching the surface of my problems with this office. Also be aware that he uses Penn Medicine branded forms but is NOT part of Penn. To add insult to injury, the specialists I've spoken to have said this isn't the result of some freak complication or bad luck, but rather Dr. Brenman's course of action was entirely inappropriate for my situation, and it was predictable that this would happen. Had I visited an oculoplastic surgeon (a specialization I had no idea existed at the time) this would have likely been a simple procedure with virtually zero risk of these kinds of complications. Rather Dr. Brenman utilized techniques that are outdated (not even recently outdated, outdated as far back as the 1980s/90s) and entirely inappropriate for someone of my age/exhibiting my symptoms. If you read my review and still want to go here I suspect nothing will sway you but the last thing I'll say is on a more personal note. You can't imagine the emotional impact of being a young person with messed up eyes and scarring on your face. It affects everything - relationships, dating, friends, socializing, your career, your family, everything. Exercise the utmost caution here or anywhere else. Don't let a Doctor's bravado convince you that any procedure, medical or cosmetic, is simple or without risk.

    Mary Dial
    March 29, 2022

    Stay out to this doctor he is no good He just want your money. You have to fix what you have to fix and give our money back. You dont deserve even one star period.

    Pennsylvania Centre For Plastic Surgery

    Our Address

    822 Pine St #3B, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

    Dr. Scott A. Brenman is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He received his MD with honors from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA.

    After completing medical school, Dr. Brenman continued his surgical training at Pennsylvania Hospital with a five-year residency in General Surgery. Dr. Brenman completed his Residency in Plastic Surgery with two and a half years at Duke University Medical Center. A Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at the University of Louisville followed the residency.

    He is a clinical instructor in plastic surgery and is actively involved with the teaching of residents and medical students from Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania.

    Dr. Scott Brenman has also been honored as a “Top Doc” by the Philadelphia Magazine as one of the region’s best plastic surgeons for cosmetic surgeons for women.

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