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    Gregg Bach
    March 23, 2022

    After having worked with Kevin for 10 years, I finally gave up. He knows taxes, and he’s a nice guy, but he is unable to run his business. Lack of customer service, staff shortages and turnover, broken promises, poor communication, unreturned emails and calls, late filings, IRS penalties and interest, etc. I gave the relationship every chance to improve, but it never did, in fact, it got worse over time. Use him at your own risk, or as a last resort. There are plenty of good tax preparation companies and individuals out there, would recommend searching them first.

    Gennadiy Ryklin
    April 25, 2022

    Got a call from collections last week because I underpaid my earnings tax for the year I used Kevin to prepare my taxes. Tried to contact him over a week ago, has no responded to any voicemails or emails. Steer clear.

    Frank Ortega
    February 17, 2022

    Kevin is a very dedicated professional. Not only did he file my taxes rapidly, he also called me after hours for tax strategy and planning. This only shows dedication and commitment.

    Liz Daube
    June 09, 2021

    TLDR: Kevin created endless headaches for me due to errors he made on my state tax returns and incredibly poor communication. Avoid. More details: I provided Kevin with organized and accurate information and provided every single signature he requested, so there's no excuse for this. He took my money, messed up my taxes and eventually stopped replying to me at all. Here's the rough play by play: Kevin told me in March that I needed to print and submit my Philadelphia return and send the city a check to pay my city tax, whereas he would electronically file everything else. He then submitted my checking info to the city of Philadelphia online that day without my consent, and I had to scramble to avoid overdraft fees. I asked for receipts re: the electronic filing for the other returns and never got them. I received a notice from NY state in April that there was an obvious error on my return and, instead of a refund, I owed money. When I contacted Kevin about this, I eventually got him on the phone and he blamed it on a software error, but said I should trust him to handle it. Nervous because at this point I did not really trust him, I signed paperwork for him to submit a correction to NY state. He said he would handle it from there and I would still be owed the refund. Again, this all happened in April. Several times in May and early June, I tried to reach Kevin to figure out why the state of California didn't seem to have my tax return in their system. (I lived in NY, CA and PA in 2020--long story!) His replies were incredibly brief and didn't answer my questions, or he just didn't reply at all. Then two things happened that blew my mind: NY state wrote to me saying they received my response to their bill...specifically, they received it on June 1. But Kevin told me he submitted the reply to NY's tax bill in late April? If there was an issue or delay with submitting it electronically, he never mentioned it to me. I finally reached someone from the CA tax board. They told me that my return was, in fact, never submitted. They said someone tried to submit it electronically in late March and again in early May (that would be Kevin), but that it was never uploaded in their system because it had an obvious error with two lines not adding up. So Kevin knew it wasn't submitted. Why else would he try to use the system a second time after I inquired about the CA return in May? He never answered my follow-up questions about all this. He just stopped replying to me. To be clear, if I had not called the CA tax board myself, I would have NO IDEA that Kevin NEVER FILED MY RETURN. I have reached out to another accountant for assistance in reviewing and correcting the tax returns Kevin worked on, including the one that was never even submitted. In the end, it will have taken many hours of my time and payment to a second CPA to fix Kevin's mess. This was a nightmare.

    David Dawson
    February 17, 2022

    I've been using this CPA for 3 years now. He reviewed my prior year returns and then corrected and amended a previous filing with a different CPA firm saving me a nice chunk of money.

    Kevin Chou, CPA

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