11 Best Boxing Gyms Philadelphia

Philly is known for being a major boxing center. We have Bernard Hopkins, “Smokin’ Joe Frazier, and (fictional) Rocky Balboa in our ranks. Our long-standing tradition is beginning to feel… well, bourgeois with the advent of chain boutiques. We stopped by several neighborhood gyms throughout the city to see the old-school scene. These 11 spots have a long history in boxing and offer classes for all levels, from Grandma to Olympic athletes. Boxing is now more accessible than ever thanks to smaller classes, dedicated trainers, and relaxed environments.

Boxing is an excellent way to keep fit and learn a very effective martial art. Because of the movement involved, boxing is great for cardio and hand-eye coordination. We recommend that you incorporate it into your training routines, whether you’re looking to improve your boxing skills or just to stay in peak condition.

You don’t have to train with a sparring partner in order to keep in shape. Many gyms offer pad and technique workouts, so you can still reap the benefits of cardio without having to get hit.

James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym

James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym

Located: 750 Brooklyn St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Hours: 8:30am – 7:30 pm on most days, closed on Sunday
Web: https://www.jamesshulerboxing.com/

The James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym can be found in a 2,100 square foot horse stable. The gym has a 20×20 foot ring and has a classic, clean look. There is an uppercut bag and a 250 lb weight bag. Speed bags, windy bags, lockers, and speed bags are all available. The gym is fully equipped to allow you to box professionally or recreationally.

The Best environment to get in shape and learn how to box. This is the best boxing gym in Philadelphia hands down, with the best trainers and staff in Philly ..
– Kna Rf –

Joltin’ Jabs

Located: 115 West Ridge Pike, PA 19428
Hours: 6am – 8:30pm, reduced hours on Sat and Sun
Web: https://joltinjabs.com/

Joltin’ Jaabs is a Philadelphia-based boxing gym. Joey DeMalavez, a professional boxer founded it. He won a silver medal at Lancaster’s Golden Gloves Championship. He ended his career with a respectable record of 6-2 and 4 knockouts.

Joltin Jabs offers a 50-minute intense boxing session. Joey will teach you proper boxing techniques as well as self-defense skills. You will learn everything in stages. Joey’s training program focuses on cardio, agility, and strength training.

I have had the honor to train with Joey for a decade. I now have the good fortune to train with him along with my 14 year old son. It is hard to put into words as one should experience Joltin’ Jabs first hand. The physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits are incredible! The combination of Joey’s workouts along with his unique, energetic, and positive personality truly makes Joltin’ Jabs a special place to train. The location has free parking, the interior has heavy bags, speed bags, bikes, jump rope, and an actual boxing ring. Whether a group class, partner private, or a private class, Joey teaches them all and truly cares about each and every person there. After the 50 minute workout, you will truly feel that you have achieved something.
– Cory Bank –

Philly’s Next Champ

Located: 1810 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19115
Hours: 5:30pm – 8pm, Sat 9am – 12pm, closed on Sun
Web: https://www.phillysnextchamp.com/

Mike Cassell is the owner and operator of Philly’s Next Champ in Northeast Philadelphia. Mike has been involved with the Philadelphia boxing scene ever since 1981 when he was a first-time amateur fighter. Mike has dedicated his 15-years of experience to the training of some of Philadelphia’s most elite boxers. He brings many years of experience to those who train with him.

Mike is a freelance writer for the Boxing Writers Association of America. He has also been a national broadcaster for televised bouts. His own show was broadcast on ESPN radio as well as the Fighting City Radio Show, which is for the Armed Forces Network. Mike is a boxing historian and has been featured on Discovery Channel and History Channel many times, as well as in numerous documentaries. Mike has produced numerous State Champs and Golden Gloves Champions as well as National Champs and Intercontinental Champs. He hopes to produce more champions at Philly’s Next Champ!

Philly’s Next Champ offers three age-specific boxing classes. The classes will teach you basic skills and techniques in boxing. Every class includes cardio calisthenics and bag drills. Basic self-defense is also taught. Shadowboxing drills are included. Performance and technique will be the main focus of this class, which will help you build self-confidence and confidence in a safe and enjoyable environment.

They also offer impact classes with impact wraps technology. This can be used to measure your impact score and strike count as well as the duration and overall class rank. This is a great way to measure your progress.

amazing gym. great experience and very good environment. every coach treats you like you are their fighter as well as pushing you to go farther then you ever had. i’ve lost 20 pounds coming here in 1 year. is great for getting in shape and boxing would recommend.
– billy shields –

Pivott Boxing Academy

Located: 2807 North 6th Street, 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19133
Hours: 10am – 8pm, Sat 11am – 3pm, closed on Sun
Web: https://www.pivottboxing.com/

Pivott Boxing Academy has the mission to transform and impact local youth through its programs. They promote integrity, discipline and the highest moral standards. They can help develop amateur fighters and assist them in their transition to professional ranks. The gym features a 20×20 boxing ring, weight room, conditioning area, and a boxing training zone. Private and group classes are available for children and adults of all ages. They are a U.S.A. Certified Boxing Training Center.

Lando (Owner/Operator) is a fantastic teacher and mentor. Not only him and his people work well with professional fighters, he is out in the community; and he does volunteer work for my sports ministry.
– Reginal Duncan –

Rumble Boxing

Located: 1520 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19102
Hours: 5:30am – 10pm, reduced hours on Sat and Sun
Web: https://www.rumbleboxinggym.com/location-signature/center-city

Rumble is group fitness designed for individuals. These are the best fitness instructors you will ever meet. They’ll guide you through a workout to custom hip-hop, house, and mashup music. This is not your typical boxing gym. It is more of a cardio workout. However, it is worth checking out if you are just starting to get in shape.

This place is AWESOME. A great workout for all skill levels. Energetic instructor with loud music really gets you in the zone. Very cool screens on all the walls showing you what moves you’re doing. The lockers have outlets and USB ports to charge your phone while in class. And you get to keep the wraps you’re given on your first class.
– Bridget C –

Red Condition Fitness

Located: 325 Bainbridge St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Hours: varying between 8:30am and 7pm, closed on Wed
Web: https://redconditionfitness.com/

Red Condition is literally a hidden treasure: Visitors enter via the lobby of the neighboring Optimal Gym and then head down the stairs to reach basement rooms with glass walls that resemble a squash court. Instead of having empty rooms with wood floors, the classrooms have soft mats and red-freestanding heavy bags. Beginners can learn a variety of boxing punches, and get a great workout. The classes begin with HIIT cardio warming-ups, then move on to punch combinations with an attentive instructor to assist you in achieving the best technique.

Love coming here. Ron is awesome. Class has enough heavy bags for everyone, and it is very welcoming. Always a great class and the most affordable kickboxing in the city. No reason to go to rumble when you have this on South st almost every day 🙌🙌🙌
– Michelle K –

Lets Be Elite Boxing and Fitness Academy

Located: 3122 Willits Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19136
Hours: varying morning and afternoon sessions, closed on Sun
Web: https://www.letsbeelite.com/

While most boxing gyms incorporate techniques, you won’t get to fight in real life if you don’t punch at bags that are vaguely human-shaped and dodge imaginary throws. This gym is for those who want to learn to box. This nearly four-year-old training center pairs students for shoulder-tapping drills and parrying. Students can even practice sparring in protective gear on Thursdays. Bonus: Owner Octavio Pinda is a trainer who cares deeply about his students’ progress. He directed one student after completing a very exhausting class. Adult boxing classes at Lets Be Elite are accessible to everyone, even if you have had to take a few beginner classes.

I love this place. Felt welcomed from day one and have learned so much already in the few months that I’ve been going. Coach Octavio is a great coach and a great person. Can’t beat that. Always pushing you to be your best self. Definitely the best boxing gym in the area!
– Natalya Gorbachik –

Front Street Gym Philly

Located: 2076 E Clearfield St, Philadelphia, PA 19134
Hours: 2pm – 7pm, closed on weekends
Web: http://www.frontstreetgym.com/

ESPN has listed Front Street Gym as one of the most recognizable boxing gyms.

Terrance “KO” Lewis was a former heavyweight champion who fought in an orthodox stance. The native Philly boxer fought for 8 years and was once ranked #11 worldwide. For the past five years, he has been a Front Street Gym trainer.

Danny “Mustang”, Sally, caught the attention of a trainer in boxing during one of his street fights. Danny started his boxing amateur career in Louisiana. He then moved to Houston, Texas where he enjoyed a successful amateur boxing career, winning seven golden glove tournaments. Danny was a military veteran for three years before he returned to Houston as a professional boxer. He weighed 122 lbs and had seven professional bouts. He fought eight professional bouts at 126 lbs. He fought at 130 lbs for the rest of his professional career. He moved to Philadelphia during his professional career. Danny occasionally trained at Front Street Gym with Wesley Mouzon. Danny fought as a professional boxer for seven years. He had to quit due to an eye injury. Danny began working for the Front Street Gym Training Team around one year ago.

A truly nonpariel ,famous, and absolutely legendary boxing gym in Philadelphia. I highly recommend coming here to learn self-defence, stay in shape or, train to be an amateur or professional boxer. This place certainly is in the top 5 of the greatest boxing gyms in Philly past ,and present. It is one of the premier gyms to practice the sweet science known as pugilisim.
– Wal S –

Jack Costello Boxing Club

Located: 4900 Longshore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135
Hours: 5pm – 7:30 pm from Mon to Thu
Web: https://jackcostelloboxing.com/

Jack Costello Boxing Gym was established in 1996. It is currently closed. This non-profit organization provides training and support for mental health, physical fitness, and emotional well-being.

There are many boxers on the roster, from non-competitive recreational types to champions in waiting. They show up for two-hour sessions four nights a week. The gym is open from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Amateurs in their 20s or 30s can also use the facility. Operators and trainers do not receive any compensation for their time and expertise. All of them are volunteers, and include certified trainers Ernest Brunson (Joe Jesus), Ramon Almeda (Ramon Almeda), Mike Elliott, James “June”, Ryan).

I was a coach for Costello’s for several years. Tim & pat are aces! Always looking out for the kids. always charged very little for membership.I always tried to spend = amount of time with each kid.Weather you wanted to learn the fundamentals of the sport or just get a good workout all were welcomed with out any fear of bulling, prejudice or embarrassment never tolerated! still going strong after 20+years!
– Jim S. –

Joe Hand Boxing Gym

Located: 213 W St Rd, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053
Hours: 8am – 8pm during the week, closed on the weekend
Web: http://joehandgym.com/

The Joe Hand Boxing Gym & Computer Lab was opened in 1995. It is the only facility in America that trains not only children’s minds but also their bodies. Joe Hand Sr. summarizes his facility best when he says, “When a child arrives at the gym carrying a gym bag and a school bag, we know that we are doing something right.”

There is a world of opportunities right here as children are mentored and trained by athletes and educators. Joe Hand Boxing Gym has regulation boxing rings, new equipment, and a computer center that allows children to participate in the education process.

New member here. This gym and the people here are a class act. Both men and women participants. You come in, you work, you go home with that mind set. Purely professional, LOTS of modern, kept equiptment. Just in taking a good gander around this gym you will learn a lesson in more than just boxing. You will learn structure…..discipline…..and integrity. Most of all how to box!
– Mari –

Warrior Boxing Gym

Located: 2550 S Bancroft St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Hours: Mon – Sat 9am to 8pm, closed on Sun
Web: https://www.facebook.com/fightclubphilly

WARRIOR Boxing Gym’s mission is to give each boxing student a wide range of skills both inside and outside the ring. This promotes self-discipline and motivation, as well as excellence in learning science. It will last a lifetime. WARRIOR Boxing Team works with parents and the community to help our boxers develop life skills that will allow them to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient adults who can contribute to a global society.

Training with JD has been such a great experience! If you want I learn how to box and get in shape this is the place, the workout is no joke!! You’ll learn one on one and JD is so knowledgeable and you can absorb so much by just being in his presence. I can’t recommend this place enough!! I had never boxed before, and now I’m completely in love with the sport and trying to get better!
– Maddie Howard –

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